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"Dukes of Hazard" and "Dallas" Actress Bobbie Faye Ferguson Dead at Age 78

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Actress Bobbie Faye Ferguson reportedly passed away on July 25, 2022, according to a statement released by her son’s reps at Industry Entertainment to The Holllywood Reporter.

Ferguson appeared on such shows at The Dukes of Hazard, Dallas, Designing Women and Remington Steele.

According to her obituary, the teacher-turned-actress started NASA’s multimedia program in Washington, D.C. after being appointed by President Clinton to launch the program. She later served in the same position for The Department of Homeland Security in Los Angeles, California.

Bobbie Faye Ferguson was also a NASA consultant on Clint Eastwood’s Space Cowboys.

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Her son, Jay R. Ferguson, stars on The Conners as Darlene’s boss, Ben, and is known for his previous role as Stan Rizzo on Mad Men.

One of Bobbie Faye’s more significant roles was in Evening Shade, where she appeared with her son.

The actress reportedly passed away from natural causes.

“Bobbie Faye truly lived life to the fullest, traveling the world as well as enjoying life’s simple pleasures, but most of all spending quality time with family and friends. She was a supportive cheerleader to all the people in her life and a beloved member of her community. She will be missed immensely.”

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