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Puppy That Was Shot in Face Makes Incredible Recovery, Finds Furever Home

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Louisville Metro Animal Services rescued a 10-month-old German shepherd puppy that had suffered a gunshot wound to the head in January 2023.

“Because of the angle of Magic’s bullet wound,” Andrea Mattingly from Kentucky Humane Society told Newsweek, “we can only assume he was looking up at his abuser when he was shot.”

Kentucky Humane Society (KHS), Kentucky’s largest animal adoption agency, was able to care for Magic. Dr. Emily Bewley performed two surgeries to save him.

“Magic’s jaw was broken when the bullet entered above his right eye and exited on the left side. He’s on pain meds and being fed by syringe. Despite feeling ruff, Magic sits up to greet anyone who enters the room. He’s simply the sweetest boy, even after the cruelty of being shot,” Louisville Metro Animal Services shared on Facebook.

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“Magic needed multiple surgeries, pain medication and syringe-feeding throughout his recovery until he was stable enough to enter a foster home,” said Mattingly.

Warning: The following video contains graphic footage that may be sensitive to some viewers. Please scroll past to continue to read this article if you do not wish to view the video.

After spending time in foster care with KHS staff, Magic met his new furever family on July 20, 2023. Magic’s new family became official through adoption on August 10, 2023.

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“He is loving his forever home and has settled in beautifully!” said Mattingly.

“He is currently being spoiled as an only pet and his parents have bought him many toys, treats, and even had T-shirts made that say things like ‘Magic’s Mom’ on them. Magic is now living a great life in a loving home.”

“We’re so relieved that he can put his past behind him and enjoy life as a happy, healthy pup.”

You can learn more about the Kentucky Humane Society by visiting their website.

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