Editorial Standards

Editorial Standards | Liftable.com is a values-based organization with a Biblical worldview. These values include beliefs that God is the creator of all things, the exclusivity of Christ and the sanctity of life.

● We are committed to ensuring that each piece of information is accurate on Liftable.com. In an effort to be transparent with our readers, we are committed to letting our readers know when a story has been corrected or updated with additional information.

● When a story is updated for clarity or content but is not a factual update, we will add an editor’s note to the bottom of the story.

● When a correction is issued, we place the correction at the bottom of the story, which also indicates when the correction was made.

● When a story is updated with the addition of factual information, an update with the date as well as the additional information is added at the bottom of the story.

● When the text of a syndicated story is updated, a line is placed at the bottom of the page indicating when the update was made by the original publisher.

● In the case of a minor grammatical error or a typo, the story is changed accordingly and a correction is not issued.

● If a story has serious issues that cannot be fixed, a retraction should be made at the beginning of the story that notes the problems with the piece. All errors made should be included in the retraction, as well as the correct information. In certain cases the entire mistaken piece may remain in place if necessary.

● If a mistake correction or update with additional information is made in a social media post, Liftable will publish a corrected version indicating that the new post is a correction. If it is not possible to edit the incorrect post, we should delete the original post and include a screenshot of the erroneous post in the correct version.

● In the case of a minor grammatical error or a typo in a social media post, the posting will be updated and changed accordingly and a correction is not issued.

● In the case that it is necessary to the accuracy of the story, we should replace obscenities, vulgarities and slurs with something that clearly implies the word rather than stating it directly (e.g. “f—”). If it is not possible to replace, editors should make every effort to avoid usage in the story, embeds or audio/visual recordings.

● We should not publish a story that contains sexually charged content.

● We acknowledge that mental illness exists as well as personal agency over one’s actions. We should be thoughtful and respectful when covering a story that includes mental health or suicide.

● We should make sure that sources used for editorial content are reliable. Sources will be noted in text and/or backlinked within the story or otherwise linked at the bottom of the article.

● Our content creators may express personal opinions in their own accounts on social networks. However, content creators should note in their social media profiles that such views are personal and not necessarily the views of our organization.

● Our content creators should work to ensure that advertisers and sponsors have no influence over editorial content, unless content is specifically disclosed as sponsored content.

● Our content creators should not use pseudonyms as their author name or in their author bios. Content creators with extraordinary circumstances must receive written approval from executive leadership before publishing any editorial content with Liftable.com.

● In general, all content creators should be respectful and thoughtful of our audience, the company’s values and the image of our company at all times.

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