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Couple Weds During Southwest Flight to Vegas: "Let's Do It!"

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Couple Wed During Southwest Flight to Las Vegas (Photo: Southwest Airlines/ Facebook Screenshot, Southwest Stock Photo/ CANVA)


Southwest Airlines prides itself on it’s one-of-a-kind hospitality. And on being the “love airline.” So it’s of no surprise when the staff goes above and beyond for their passengers.

Most recently, the airline shared on their Facebook page about a couple named Pam and Jeremy.

The pair had booked a flight to Las Vegas on a competing airline only to have their connection flight canceled. This put their chapel wedding they had planned in jeopardy.

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Another passenger, Chris, just happened to be an ordained minister. When he overheard their dilemma, he offered to marry the couple. That’s when the three booked a flight on Southwest to Las Vegas.

Pam and Jeremy happened to be in full wedding attire “just for the fun it.” The pair joked with the captain about getting married on the flight: “Let’s do it!”

Naturally, the good-natured staff of Southwest jumped at the opportunity to make it a celebration the couple — and rest of the passengers — would never forget.

“Our Flight Crew sprung into action with toilet paper streamers and a snack mix sash for Chris. Julie, one of our Flight Attendants, stood in as Pam’s Maid of Honor. A professional photographer on the flight pulled out her camera for official wedding photos,” the airline wrote.

“Another Passenger passed around an old notebook for the whole cabin to sign with well wishes and their seat numbers, which was given to the bride and groom as a makeshift guestbook.”

How fun it would have been to be on that flight. Congratulations Jeremy and Pam!

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