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Jealously Guard Your Relationship with Jesus

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If I could pass along to you only one thing, only one critical piece of advice or guidance in your walk with the Lord it is this: jealously guard your relationship with Jesus.

Why? Because it is your relationship — your intimacy with Jesus — that is constantly under attack.

Not under attack in the sense that you’ll risk losing your salvation; if you have made Jesus Christ your Lord and Savior, confessed your sin and your need of His saving grace, then you are sealed with his Holy Spirit and your salvation is secure.

What I’m talking about is the intimacy and depth of your relationship with Jesus — the kind of intimacy that comes from abiding in Him and bears the kind of fruit in our lives that God desires from us.

Read John 15:1–17 and hear what Jesus talks about in the act of “abiding“ in Him; maintaining that critical, vital connection that results in His Word and life coming fully alive in us, and our lives becoming and producing everything God planned for and dreamed for us.

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Is Jesus your number 1 priority?
Simply put, it is the relationship that we maintain with Jesus, not the work we do for Jesus, that is the most important aspect of our Christian life. In fact, it’s everything… Christ in you (Colossians 1:27).

Maintaining that relationship through spending time with Jesus in His Word — drawing nourishment and strength from it that helps you to know God better, love God more, and follow Jesus more closely.

That’s not a balancing act, that’s a priority thing.

Jealously guard your relationship with Jesus. Make Him your first priority — He’s the greatest treasure you possess! Give Him the first, the best parts of your time, energy and thoughts, and watch how your life flourishes!

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Punky Tolson heart’s desire is to help women fall in love with Jesus and live the life they were destined for. She has invested in the lives of women of all ages, teaching God’s Word, showing them how the Scriptures really do work in their everyday lives, and how Jesus makes all the difference. A writer, blogger, disciple-maker, and a passionate communicator of God’s truth, Punky (the nickname her Daddy gave her) speaks locally and nationally at women’s events teaching the Scriptures and sharing her life with her audience. Her story of finding identity, true love and lasting satisfaction in Christ is full of transforming truth; her amazing God-story of marrying at the age of 43 will captivate you no matter what stage of life you’re in; and her battle with breast cancer will reassure anyone experiencing any kind of difficulty that you are more than a conqueror in Christ. Along with her husband, John, she is co founder of The Tolson Group, a discipleship-based ministry in Dallas, Texas. Punky is also the host of the Life-on-Life podcast -- practical teaching and truth to help women know, love and follow Jesus … and challenge them to pass it on.

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