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You Don't Have to Walk the Path Alone

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Picture you’re at the edge of a forest and there are two paths you can choose: one with a tour guide and one on your own.

If you choose to take the path with the tour guide you will no longer be in control of the turns you’ll take, but instead, the tour guide will be in control. You have to trust the guide to take you through the forest and keep you on the path. But certainly, the guide knows this forest and the path better than you because it’s his job to make sure people don’t get lost.

If you choose to take the path alone you get to be in control. You will be able to choose every turn and stop wherever you would like. You wouldn’t have to listen to a tour guide tell you why going a certain way would be better. You would get to experience the forest just the way you want, but there’s a possibility you could get lost.

Just think, the tour guide is like God and the forest is our lives. If we choose the path with God we have to trust that He knows the way better than we do and that giving up control to Him will keep us from getting lost in the end. If we choose the path by ourselves, we get to do what we want and make our own decisions, not worrying about what’s right or wrong. But each wrong turn we make takes us further down that path alone until we’re completely lost, feeling like there is no way back.

In Proverbs 3:6 it says, “In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight.”

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Thankfully God can find us even if we get lost. If we find ourselves wandering down the path alone, all we have to do is cry out to Jesus and He will lead us safely.


We don’t have to travel through our lives alone and even when we choose the wrong path, God is still there waiting for you to ask Him to come to find you. No matter how many times you find yourself lost, Jesus will always come searching and guide you back home – if you let Him.

There is never a time where God isn’t looking over His shoulder to make sure you’re still there and if you aren’t, He will make sure you’re right there with Him again.

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Renee is a former contributor to Liftable.

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