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Amazon Sued for Allegedly Selling "Suicide Kits"

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There can be no doubt that the loss of human life to death by suicide is a tragedy of extreme proportions. For heartless corporations like Amazon, however, providing the instruments to cause these tragic losses is nothing to lose sleep over.

Amazon is currently facing a lawsuit on behalf of the families of two young men who died by suicide after purchasing a substance on Amazon that has no household purpose in such a concentrated form — but has been linked to at least 50 deaths by suicide.

According to the law firm representing the young men who lost their lives to suicide, Amazon also recommends alongside the poisonous substance that purchasers buy other items that could be used in a suicide attempt; one item is the Amazon edition of a suicide manual.

The attorney also asserts that Amazon removed 1-star reviews on the product from grieving family members seeking to raise awareness.

(You can read the attorney’s full thread starting here.)

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The argument could be made that Amazon was previously unaware that the substance being sold would lead to these tragedies — but even after being notified, the corporation is still actively fighting to continue selling it.

Amazon is seeking to dismiss the case on the grounds that corporations are immune from liability for suicide.

Other companies like eBay and Etsy, however, have already banned the sale of the substance in order to avoid selling it to people experiencing suicidal thoughts.


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