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"The Voice" Contestant Uses Performance to Sing Best Thing Possible for Millions to Hear, Leaves Judges in Tears

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In a country like the United States, many of the blessings people enjoy are often taken for granted.

There’s an expectation of having plenty, and a freedom to dream big dreams and chase after those dreams.

It can be easy to forget from where those blessings come.

A song like Brandon Lake’s “Gratitude,” can really help the listener to put things back into perspective.

Perhaps that’s what happened to the judges when they heard contestant Bodie belt out that song during the season 22 “The Voice” finale show on Dec. 13 and when they saw the reaction of the audience.

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“All my words fall short, I got nothing new. How could I express all my gratitude?” the song began.

When host Carson Daly asked judge Gwen Stefani for her thoughts on Bodie’s performance, she said she was moved to tears, according to Entertainment Tonight.

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“I’m choking on my tears over here,” Stefani said. “I’ve thought a lot about what it is about you, um, I’m crying [because] that was so beautiful. But you have, like, a superpower behind you. Just that…I can’t even speak right now that was so beautiful.”

Blake Shelton was also a judge. Perhaps the highest compliment came from him since Shelton was his coach.

“I’m not always speechless, but right now, that was one of the most moving performances I’ve seen in a long time on this show.”

NBC’s “The Voice” said on its Instagram, “Everyone is absolutely shook to their core after this powerful @bodie @brandonlake performance.”

Though Bodi didn’t come in first place on the season 22 finale show, he did place second.

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Bryce Leatherwood took first place.

Nevertheless, it’s amazing to consider the powerful witness that this song was to the masses.

In an interview with Parade, Bodie said his long-term dream that he hoped “The Voice” would be able to help him accomplish was to, “Get me out there working with bigger artists, writing songs with bigger artists. I would love to get on a tour with another artist that I look up to and just continue further in this career. The exposure alone has really been such a blessing.”

Though he said he hasn’t had any response from a major label, record producer or any well-known artists yet, he said he has heard from “a lot of sweet, creative types that have either said how much I’ve inspired them or they’d love to work with me.”

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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