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Vanna White Missing from "Wheel of Fortune," Sidelined by COVID "Sniffles"

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Vanna White will be away from “Wheel of Fortune” for the remainder of the week after she tested positive for COVID, host Pat Sajak told his audience on Monday.

The pop culture outlet Decider previously reported that White, 66, would miss some episodes of the pre-taped show this season for its annual Teacher’s Week.

On Monday evening at the opening of the program, Sajak told fans why.

“I can’t even find my mark without her,” Sajak joked about his longtime cohost.

He continued, “You’ll notice Vanna is not here, and I have to say that Ms. White has tested positive for COVID. That’s the bad news.

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“The good news is, I talked to her just a little while ago and she feels fine,” Sajak concluded. “She had a little sniffle, but she tested positive. And that’s the way it goes.”

The 2023 California teacher of the year Bridgette Donald-Blue took White’s place on Monday.

Was the original threat of COVID completely overblown?

Per Decider, White has only missed work four times in four decades helming the hit game show alongside Sajak.

White first appeared as a guest hostess on “Wheel” in October 1982 but was offered the job permanently by the end of that year.

White’s absence this week comes amid her and Sajak’s last ride together on the show.

The longtime host announced over the summer that this season would be his last before he heads off for retirement.

Ryan Seacrest will take over for him next year in a new-look “Wheel” that will have a familiar face onboard.

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White will remain on the show for the near future as she recently secured herself a significant pay raise, according to TMZ.

After receiving her last raise in 2005, White had earned $3 million per year until this season.

Her attorney — heavy-hitting entertainment lawyer Bryan Freeman — reportedly demanded on her behalf that she receive at least half of what Sajak was earning.

The details about her bump in pay were not made available to the public, but the increase was said to have been “substantial.”

Sajak will reportedly earn $15 million during his final year as the show’s host.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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