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"Lovely, Clever Dog": Lost Dog Gets Help After Walking Into Police Station and Turning Self In

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Border collies have a reputation for being some of the most clever dogs. Their keen senses and problem-solving capabilities have served them well in the field, in athletic dog sports and in their roles as pets.

And Rosie is here to strengthen that stereotype.

Rosie, a 10-year-old border collie from Loughborough, England, was at a local park with her owner, 68-year-old Steve Harper, and fellow canine companion Laser on Nov. 3 when disaster struck.

While they wandered the park, fireworks went off nearby, and Rosie panicked and ran off.

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“She went and stood with her dad, which she does when she is nervous, and then skedaddled [when the firework went off],” Julie Harper, Steve’s wife, told the BBC.

“She pushed herself through a hedge and handed herself in to the police station.

“The police station is right next to the park.”

But the Harpers didn’t know that was where she had gone at first. Steve was beside himself, heartbroken over Rosie’s disappearance.

Little did he know, she was close by and safe.

“The pack at Loughborough Police Station made a new furry friend last week after a lost dog strolled into the station,” the Leicestershire Police Facebook page shared on Monday.

“We’ve collared the CCTV of the Border Collie, Rosie, so you can see her approaching the doors before walking in and taking a seat in the corner. Good dog!

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“Our staff fetched some water for Rosie, and made fast friends with plenty of fuss. Thankfully she was wearing a collar, so a lead was available to contact Rosie’s owner, who was delighted she had been found safe and well.

“Rosie was being walked nearby with a second dog when she managed to wander off. What a lovely, clever dog.”

The Harpers were relieved when they got the call informing them that their lost dog was safe and sound at the police station and that she had taken matters into her own paws and turned herself in.

“I was so pleased and so happy she was safe and so proud of her that she was clever enough to find her way to the police station,” Julie said.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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