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Amber Heard Claims Jason Momoa "Tormented" Her on Set of "Aquaman," Would Show Up Dressed as Johnny Depp

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Amber Heard, mainly known as Johnny Depp’s ex-wife, has made fresh allegations concerning purported harassment and mistreatment during the filming of the sequel, “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.”

In recently revealed therapy notes from her psychologist, Dr. Dawn Hughes, Heard accused co-star Jason Momoa and director James Wan of wanting her ousted from the project following her defamation trial with Depp, Marca reported.

According to the unearthed documents, Momoa and Wan allegedly sought Heard’s removal from the film, expressing their discontent after she lost the defamation case against Depp.

When it became evident that her dismissal wasn’t imminent, Momoa reportedly resorted to “tormenting” her by appearing on set dressed as Depp.

Despite speculation that Momoa and Wan did not want her in the film, Heard remained part of the DC Extended Universe.

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The notes reportedly surfaced on Reddit after being unsealed as part of the legal case involving Heard and Depp.

Contrary to statements made by director Wan that her role was always intended to be minimal, Heard claimed her character’s part had been significantly reduced, according to Inside The Magic.

Was this prank too cruel to play on Heard?

Nevertheless, there are allegations that her part has been significantly reduced to emphasize other elements of the “Aquaman” storyline.

Notably, Wan refuted the notion of trimming Heard’s role in the film.

The upcoming sequel, according to EW, is presented as a “bromance,” with its core storyline revolving around the relationship between Momoa’s character, Arthur, and Patrick Wilson’s character, Orm.

“The first Aquaman was Arthur and Mera’s journey,” Wan told EW.

“The second movie was always going to be Arthur and Orm. So, the first was a romance action-adventure movie, the second one is a bromance action-adventure movie. We’ll leave it at that,” he added.

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Heard played the role of Mera in the franchise.

In the unsealed documents, the actress mentioned Zack Snyder, director of “Justice League,” and his producer wife, Deborah Snyder, as the only ones who “stood by me,” according to ITM.

Heard also asserted that she was prohibited from taking selfies with anyone on set and was not allowed to post any film-related content on her social media.

“I do my work and keep my head down,” one note read.

Reactions to the leaked information have been mixed, with many expressing sympathy for the actress.

One Reddit user wrote, “I hope she’s living somewhere peaceful with her child and doesn’t have internet. She’s more than earned a quiet, happy life after all this,” as reported by Marca.

Heard’s life has been marked by legal battles since her divorce from Depp, during which she accused him of domestic violence, according to EW.

The defamation trial between the former couple garnered significant public attention, ultimately leading to Depp losing a defamation case against News Corp. for being labeled a “wife-beater,” while winning a defamation case against Heard in 2022, according to ITM.

Heard has since relocated to Spain and reportedly left Hollywood.

Despite the controversy, she was set to reprise her role in the forthcoming sequel to “Aquaman,” although some fans have noted her seemingly diminished presence in the film.

In response to her involvement, a #BoycottAquaman2 campaign emerged on social media, adding to the behind-the-scenes tensions surrounding her role in the movie.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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