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Singleness Is Not a Disease

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I so dislike the term “singleness.” When I hear it, it’s made to sound like an illness or disease — something you want to get away from or healed of; something you only tolerate until you “break out” and become married. I think “singlehood” is a more appropriate and purposeful title for this season of life.⠀

I’m married, but when I entered marriage I didn’t leave behind my singleness for marriedness. In fact, I did not feel in the least that I had been delivered of “singleness.”

Quite the contrary! I realized all the more the inestimable value of the precious position in life that I’d been granted for 43 years.⠀

I regret deeply that for many of those years, especially the older I got, I desperately wished and prayed and hoped that my position would change. Marriage was my focus. It was Jesus + marriage = my happiness and satisfaction.

Thus, I was always wanting to be someplace other than where I was; someplace other than where God had assigned me.

In the process, I wished so much of my life away; so much of what God had purposed and planned for me in those years as a single person that I could not recoup once I was married.⠀

The Apostle Paul considers the single person to be in a place of “more”; a blessed and strategic position where one has a greater capacity for more wholehearted devotion to God (see 1 Corinthians 7).

And after all, isn’t that really the goal… to love God wholeheartedly?⠀

Marriage is not the end game. Christ is.⠀

Marriage is not the goal. Christ is.⠀

Marriage is not the fulfillment of your joy and happiness. Christ is.⠀

Marriage is not your holy ambition. Christ is.⠀

And to you, dearest friend — single or married — your position in Christ is a profoundly purposeful one! Make the most of your “now” season.

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Fix your eyes and set your heart on Jesus — knowing Him, loving Him, and following Him all the days of your life.⠀

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Punky Tolson heart’s desire is to help women fall in love with Jesus and live the life they were destined for. She has invested in the lives of women of all ages, teaching God’s Word, showing them how the Scriptures really do work in their everyday lives, and how Jesus makes all the difference. A writer, blogger, disciple-maker, and a passionate communicator of God’s truth, Punky (the nickname her Daddy gave her) speaks locally and nationally at women’s events teaching the Scriptures and sharing her life with her audience. Her story of finding identity, true love and lasting satisfaction in Christ is full of transforming truth; her amazing God-story of marrying at the age of 43 will captivate you no matter what stage of life you’re in; and her battle with breast cancer will reassure anyone experiencing any kind of difficulty that you are more than a conqueror in Christ. Along with her husband, John, she is co founder of The Tolson Group, a discipleship-based ministry in Dallas, Texas. Punky is also the host of the Life-on-Life podcast -- practical teaching and truth to help women know, love and follow Jesus … and challenge them to pass it on.

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