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Religion Didn't Work for Me

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When I was single, my relationship with Jesus was mostly “religious.” It was very mechanical — not intimate or personal at all.

So, I continued to drift until I had a personal crash and burn situation that really left me desperate for more.

My heart was a broken mess. Religion wasn’t working. What I wanted was intimacy: I wanted to fall in love with Jesus.

So, here’s what I did: I prayed! I prayed that I would fall in love with Jesus. I prayed it every night. I also grabbed my Bible, climbed into my bed and started to read every night. I read and I listened, and then I prayed the things that I read.

I prayed to love reading my Bible, to want to read it more. I prayed to hunger and thirst for Him. I prayed to hear His voice. As I read, I prayed to know Him better and I prayed to want more of Him, to want more of His love — more than anything else.

There Is No Freedom Without a Fight

When I was reading God’s Word, His words spoke to me. His Word was what I responded to — and the way I responded was to talk to Him about what He was saying, because that’s what prayer is! It’s talking to God, having meaningful conversation and deep abiding communion with God.

So now, I talk to Him about everything. Sometimes, I talk out loud and sometimes it’s just from my heart. Sometimes, it’s when I’m driving or taking a walk, or even at the grocery store!

And that’s how it happened! I fell in love with Jesus, by reading my Bible and spending time with Him and talking to Him as I read His Word. No special event or conference or church service (although those are all very good things), no magic words, no empty promises. Just me and Jesus. In His Word. In my ordinary home.

Reading. Listening. Responding.

Are you in love with Jesus?

Are you in love with Jesus? Remember, this takes intentional time to develop.

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Punky Tolson heart’s desire is to help women fall in love with Jesus and live the life they were destined for. She has invested in the lives of women of all ages, teaching God’s Word, showing them how the Scriptures really do work in their everyday lives, and how Jesus makes all the difference. A writer, blogger, disciple-maker, and a passionate communicator of God’s truth, Punky (the nickname her Daddy gave her) speaks locally and nationally at women’s events teaching the Scriptures and sharing her life with her audience. Her story of finding identity, true love and lasting satisfaction in Christ is full of transforming truth; her amazing God-story of marrying at the age of 43 will captivate you no matter what stage of life you’re in; and her battle with breast cancer will reassure anyone experiencing any kind of difficulty that you are more than a conqueror in Christ. Along with her husband, John, she is co founder of The Tolson Group, a discipleship-based ministry in Dallas, Texas. Punky is also the host of the Life-on-Life podcast -- practical teaching and truth to help women know, love and follow Jesus … and challenge them to pass it on.

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