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New Movie from "Sound of Freedom" Studio About Christian-centric Near-Death Experiences Draws Buzz, Rave Reviews

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Angel Studios may have another hit, after the massive success of “Sound of Freedom.”

The documentary “After Death” is slated to hit theaters Friday and has already garnered positive reviews as well as impressive ticket sales.

The Christian-centric film explores the question of what happens after we die. The documentary is “based on real near-death experiences, conveyed by scientists, authors, and survivors.”

Film critic Mike McGranaghan with the review site The Aisle Seat, said that “After Death” provided an “uplifting contemplation” on its subject matter.

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“Your opinion on the concept of an afterlife will be challenged and brought into greater focus,” McGranaghan wrote., which views films through a Christian lens, praised the film because “it has a strong Christian worldview promoting hope, love, purpose, meaning, and life.

“It encourages viewers to stop and consider Eternity.”

An additional critic called the film a “provocative, well-edited, fair and balanced documentary.”

Will you see the film?

“Regardless of whether you’re religious, agnostic, spiritual or atheist, you’ll have plenty of food for thought throughout this illuminating documentary,” the critic wrote.

While the film is receiving positive reviews, it also had an impressive amount of presale tickets.

According to Angel Studios, the film had a presale goal of 166,234 tickets, which “represents the number of people who will pass today.”

Not only was the goal met, but it was smashed, with more than 218,789 tickets sold, which ended up being 131 percent of the original goal.

The studio also had an uplifting message regarding the afterlife: “Death isn’t the end — there is hope, there is light.

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“‘After Death’ explores one of life’s biggest questions: What happens after we die?”

The documentary is being released in over 2,600 theaters, which Deadline reports as being “an extremely wide release for a doc that doesn’t also happen to be a concert film.”

The director of the film, Stephen Gray, said he started creating the film after experiencing two unexpected deaths in his family.

He said he wants his film to give people hope, as “the number of people who don’t believe in a creator or an afterlife has doubled in the last 20 years.”



This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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