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The Most Seductive Unbiblical Ideas Americans Embrace

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Americans seem to be offended by everything nowadays except 1 thing.


68% of American adults believe premarital sex is morally acceptable or not believed to be a moral issue. Meanwhile, 43% of born again Christians also believe that to be true.

43%. Let that sink in.

"Did Jesus Teach Hell Is Real?": Apologist Explains Biblical Reality of a "Literal Hell"

According to Dr. George Barna, Professor at Arizona Christian University and Director of Research at the Cultural Research Center at ACU, Americans are choosing to downplay sin.

44% of born again Christians do not believe humans are born into sin and 69% support the idea that people are basically good.

In short, research proves even born again Christians are removing God from their lives.

We see it everyday with news headlines and what’s happening in the world. As a result, people are putting their own choices above God’s and Biblical truth.

Earthly pleasures over eternal joy.

Americans v Sin, Most Seductive Unbiblical Perspectives Have Two Factors in Common - Slide. (Barna Breaks It Down/ Liftable)

The Bible is clear in 1 Corinthians 6 and 7 that sexual immorality is a sin.

Barna’s research goes beyond just sexual immorality. As a Christian, do you feel cheating on your taxes is acceptable so long as you don’t get caught? Well, many do.

What about lying? Is it OK so long as it is in the liar’s best interest?

"Did Jesus Teach Hell Is Real?": Apologist Explains Biblical Reality of a "Literal Hell"

Is it OK to simply not repay a loan?

Americans v Sin, Most Seductive Unbiblical Perspectives, Views on Truth - Slide. (Barna Breaks It Down/ Liftable)

As a result, we have a problem when Americans don’t accept that absolute moral truth exists. In fact, only 31% believe the Bible is the primary source of moral guidance.

Subsequently, a growing number of born again Christians and church leaders believe there is no absolute moral truth.

Yes, even church leaders.

As Barna summarized, “If you get this wrong, it’s hard to get the rest right.”

The truth is the world is broken. Above all, we need Jesus. The real Jesus. Not culture’s watered-down version.

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