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Five Ways To Save on Housing Costs

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One key to financial success is lowering your housing costs. Generally, about one third of money spent by the typical household goes toward housing. The less you spend each month on housing, including utilities and other fixed costs, the less financial stress you will feel. You’ll also have more money to save toward retirement or for discretionary “fun” spending.

Refinance your mortgage: Interest rates are still low, and worth taking another look. Use an online calculator to estimate how much you will save over the years. If your current mortgage payment is over 31 percent of your income, you might qualify for a loan modification to lower your payments.

Follow these links to determine if your mortgage qualifies:

  • Cut your utility bills: Weatherproofing, thermostat settings, landscaping and water conservation can all make a difference. Check out “No to Low Cost Actions to Save Home Energy and Money” for specific information.
  • Shrink your homeowner’s insurance costs: Investigate paying a higher deductible to save yourself money. Ask about the many discount opportunities you might qualify to receive. Do a comparison shop of three companies. Insurance is necessary and it doesn’t have to be super expensive.
  • Fight your property tax assessment: If you feel your property tax assessment is too high, or much higher than neighbors with similar homes, you can appeal to your local taxing authority and potentially save for years to come. Generally, in Michigan, January or February is the time of the year to submit an appeal request and it is reviewed by a local review committee in March. Check for errors on your property record and prepare your case.
  • Downsize to a smaller home: If your home is too large for your current needs, consider moving to a less costly residence to save money. A smaller home also could mean big savings on mortgage payments, utilities, maintenance and repairs.

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