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Comedian Rob Schneider: Jesus "Grabbed Me" and I Want to Spread His Message

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Comedian and actor Rob Schneider has worn many hats throughout his decades-long career in show business.

The newest one perhaps fits him the best: a devout Christian who has become a messenger for Christ.

Schneider revealed to his social media followers on Oct. 31 last year that he had become a believer and had joined the Catholic Church.

On his 60th birthday, the former “Saturday Night Live” actor shared a message of gratitude and faith — some of which was aimed at those who are still seeking God’s presence in their lives.

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“Just as your heart beats without being told, you are as integral to the Sun that fires and the planets that circle it as your heart is a part of you,” he wrote.

Schneider added, “For the atheists, God loves you too. The mistake you make is to think the universe is a stupid thing that just bumps into things and expands ignorantly and without reason or intelligence.”

He challenged himself and his followers to love as Jesus does and to forgive the same way, too.

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On Thursday, during an interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network, Schneider discussed his faith at great length.

While he was a Christian in his youth, the actor strayed away from that foundation for decades. But he is back on the path and his faith is stronger than ever, he said.

“I think Jesus only lets you stray so much, and I think at a certain point, he grabbed me again, and hugged me,” Schneider told CBN.

He said he was drawn to Christ through the messages of love and forgiveness.

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“There are other religions out there that say, ‘Well, kill your enemy, hate your enemy,’” he said.

Meanwhile, he said Christ’s life and words taught him to love those who might not necessarily reciprocate the sentiment.

“Love others,” he said. “What a beautiful way to go through life.”

Schnieder also spoke of being raised humbly by a father who was the first in the family to graduate high school and a mother who was traumatized by the Japanese occupation of her native country, the Philippines, during World War II.

The actor said that the foundation helped him navigate fame as an adult without seeking approval from his peers. It still grounds him today, he said.

He also spoke about the trajectory of his career and how it relates to his journey of personal and spiritual growth.

At one time, Schneider was acting in raunchy Hollywood movies, but he is now a voice-over artist for Bentykey’s animated children’s show, “Chip Chilla.”

“I don’t really get work in Hollywood anymore, but I’m not looking for it and I don’t feel like that’s something I need,” he said.

Instead, Schneider is focused on his faith and spreading love to others, hoping to become a witness for Jesus.

In regard to people who might be critical of him, Schneider said, “Let them.”

“That’s the beautiful thing about faith and Jesus Christ. If he came back, they would try to do the same thing again to him. Why?” he asked.

“[Jesus] forces you to look at your own lies, your own falsehoods, and what you are not living up to,” Schneider said. “Also, at the same time, releases you from guilt and from the idea that you have to work … and do all these things in your life from a place of servitude, as opposed to a place of love.”

Schneider concluded that faith will always be challenged, but that there is “strength” within those who accept and embrace Jesus.

That strength, he said, is so palpable that it will make others re-evaluate their own hearts.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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