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Chad Robichaux: When God Calls, Be Obedient

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Former Force Recon Marine Chad Robichaux details one of his most recent rescue missions after U.S. troops were pulled from Afghanistan. A very risky and seemingly impossible task, Robichaux called the entire operation a “miraculous work of God.”

Despite his initial fears, he leaned into prayer and asked God to remove any doubt about the task the Lord had set before him.

“I remember flying there thinking, am I going to die out there? … Fear started creeping in and doubt started creeping in. And I remember thinking, God, what do you have me out here doing? I’m 46 years old, I run a ministry, what am I out here doing? I didn’t have a huge team but that spiritual pillar was the one thing that I did have.”

But Robichaux didn’t always have faith in God.

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In an original interview with the “I Am Second” ministry in 2016, he shared about the restoration of his faith.

While serving in Afghanistan and fighting the war on terror, Robichaux was so impacted by the hatred that infiltrated this foreign culture that before he knew it he had allowed that same hate and bitterness into his own heart and onto his family.

After the “death” of his marriage, Robichaux turned his thoughts toward suicide as the symptoms of PTSD overwhelmed his mind.

Desperate, he asked for help from his wife’s church, a decision that changed his life completely.

Check out this interview below:

Robichaux has since served another mission in Ukraine, and through it all he credits God with the peace he has when he is obedient to the Lord’s leading.

“Hey when God calls you to do something, and you know it’s God tugging your heart to do something — be it Afghanistan, Ukraine, my personal life — I have to be obedient. I have to step out in that obedience and faith to know that I can’t do those things but if God’s calling me to do them He will see it through.”

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