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Behind the Show | Get to Know Alita Reynolds

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“Without any limiting beliefs, what would you accomplish in your life?”


That was the question Alita Reynolds’, President of Women of Faith, husband asked her nearly fourteen years ago. What came out of Alita’s mouth in response surprised her more than anyone.

“I want to be a public speaker.”


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As soon as she spoke the words, Alita retreated. She thought, No! I didn’t mean that! Did I really say that? That’s so out of my comfort zone!

Alita Reynolds spent her childhood on a farm–a normal girl living a normal life. She grew up, got married, and had kids of her own. Though she was raised in a Christian home and regularly attended church, she didn’t have a real relationship with Jesus Christ.

Then her life hit rock bottom, and Alita lost almost everything she valued. 

Broken and devastated, Alita began to believe there had to be something different, something more. Consumed by a spirit of fear and inadequacy, she moved back to her childhood home with her children.

It was there Alita met Jesus.


She immediately discovered the joy and freedom that can only be found in Him. Ever since then, she’s had an urgency to share Jesus with others so that they too can find freedom, healing, and purpose.


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Alita’s journey from farm girl to host of the popular and impactful Women of Faith Show was many years in the making.

Nearly nine years after she confessed to her husband GJ that she dreamed of being a public speaker, the Lord refined that dream. She heard Him say that she would have a show.

As before, Alita was filled with doubts. No! I can’t do that! I’m not prepared. I’m not qualified. What will people think?

She realized that if she was going to live the life God had for her, she had to be obedient to Him, no matter how she felt. Subsequently, she came to understand that God’s call on her life wasn’t about her–it was about Him. And about how she could be useful for His Kingdom.

So while Alita never set out to become a public persona, she stepped out in obedience to God.

And nothing has been the same since. 


Now, many years later, Alita hosts The Women of Faith Show and cultivates The Women of Faith Collection of Classes on Liftable. She’s interviewed numerous guests from varied walks of life. She has also seen God change the lives of countless people through the message of hope and healing she shares on her show.

Through it all her mission has remained the same: to tell people about Jesus and help them find the same freedom in Him she did all of those years ago.

Alita invites every woman to step boldly into her identity as a daughter of the King and experience life-changing transformation in Jesus Christ.


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