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Allan Parr: Worship Music that Christians Should Avoid

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In his video, national speaker and Christian YouTuber Allen Parr examines the lyrics of popular worship songs that contain false theology and explains why they should be avoided.

Parr points out that “[a]s Christians, worship is an important aspect of our faith. It allows us to connect with God and express our love and adoration for Him. However, not all worship music is created equal.”

If the music we sing at church fails to align with the truth of God’s Word, there’s an issue Parr says and warns viewers about the dangers of singing songs that promote a false gospel.

Parr issues a call specifically to worship leaders to be discerning when it comes to the worship music promoted in the church.

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“Guys, a lot of this music is very man-centered,” Parr boldly states. “We need to make sure we shift the focus back to God.”

Don’t miss this video, and don’t forget to delete any deceitful songs from your worship song playlist.

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