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Alisa Childers: 3 Ways To Equip Your Kids To Interpret Scripture

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Alisa Childers, former CCM recording artist with the Dove award-winning group ZOEgirl, recently shared an interview with her friend Elizabeth Urbanowicz urging Christian parents to not miss the opportunity to train their children with the skills to understand and interpret the Scriptures.

Childer’s writes, “Independence is a goal we have in mind when raising our children: we want them to be able to take care of themselves and assume responsibilities. However, is this the case with Bible study? Are our children trained to understand and interpret the Scriptures? In this short video, my friend Elizabeth Urbanowicz gives us key points to understand its importance and how to make it a reality in our homes.”

When your kids encounter someone taking God’s Word out of context, twisting it to suit another purpose — and they will — can your children open up the Bible for themselves and examine the passage for its true meaning?

Christian parents, teachers, mentors, God has placed you in your role for a reason. Don’t waste this chance to equip the future generation with the tools to recognize the wolves in sheep’s clothing (Matthew 7:15).

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